Reighard Machine Inc. has a service area with no boundaries.  Shipping is available to all of our customers at competitive prices.

Reighard Machine hydraulically tests all hydraulic cylinders and pneumatically tests all pneumatic cylinders before they leave our shop.  This way you can be assured that the cylinder you receive works properly.


Reighard Machine Inc. will provide its customers with FREE estimates.  Our staff will completely tear down your cylinder, determine the amount of work needed done and call you with a price.  When you accept that estimate, work will begin on your cylinder.  If you choose not to have your cylinder rebuilt you will only be responsible for the cost of shipping.

Payment Methods

Reighard Machine Inc. accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Credit is available to new customers based on a credit reference from a selection of the customers’ current clients.

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Machining and Honing

Reighard Machine Inc. is a full service machining facility with lathe capabilities up to 14” diameter and honing capabilities up to 24” bore.